"Here's How You Could Lose
2-14 Inches in ONE Hour"


If there is one thing that just about everyone looking to shed some extra pounds has in common, its this:

We Have All Been Burned…At Least Once!

Maybe you bought a book about the latest "fad diet" for $50. Perhaps you enrolled down at the new gym offering "personalized training" for $199/yr. Maybe you even tried some diet pills for $10 or more per box. Or you may have even purchased some fancy piece of "home fitness equipment" for HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS….

But no matter what was promised or how much you wanted to finally shed those extra pounds-they just did NOT work as advertised and were a complete waste of money!


Don't worry-you are far from alone. For millions of us, losing weight just doesn't seem possible no matter what we try. Sure, we may be able to shed a few pounds of "water weight"-but it always returns (and with a vengeance!)!

Most of us will try not one, not two, but several weight loss programs, systems, etc-before we finally come to one inevitable conclusion:

Its Hopeless...

I know all about the "weight loss rollercoaster" and must have tried just about every single diet, exercise program, and "gimmick" out there-but nothing worked. Nothing.

I had invested an extra 1-2 hours every single day to lose my extra weight (from preparing special meals, exercising, etc.) for nearly a year and I had nothing to show for it. My bank account and stomach were both empty, my body was sore from all the exercise, and I still had my flabby arms and "thunder thighs".

Finally, I just quit. Summer was almost over and my dream of finally being able to fit back into my red bikini-well, it died. I had an entire room filled with exercise equipment, drawers filled with diet pills, and absolutely no desire to be bothered with any of them again…

Aggravated, Starving, and Looking Worse Than When I Started, I Accepted My Body and Decided to Go Shopping for Some REAL Food Again and Sell All of My Gym Equipment on eBay!

…And That's When I Bumped Into an Old Friend From High School

And she looked incredible-her jeans fit like she was still in high school! Her skin looked radiant, fresh, and…young!

After a few minutes of small talk, I just busted out and asked her:

"What have you done-you look incredible?"

Of course, she tried to play it off and insisted she had no idea what I was talking about! Finally, after some prodding, she cut loose with it: "I had my first body wrap lost about 12 inches in less than an hour".

I may not be a genius but I know enough to know you can't just "lose 12 inches" in about an hour-I mean, did she think I was stupid? After trying just about every imaginable diet, exercise machine, and "cure" on the planet and only losing one lousy inch-well, 12 inches was a bit hard to swallow…

Of course I had "heard" about body wraps before but they cost hundreds of dollars and you can only get them in those "snobby" European salons-so even if they did work as advertised-who can afford to fly over to Europe to get one!

Still, the results were undeniable and my friend looked incredible so I asked her where she had the wrap done-and she surprised me and said it was at one of the local salons!

But Then She Told Me the Price--$150 For Just ONE Body Wrap!

Honestly, the price should have been enough to make me laugh and just walk way but her skin wasn't just smoother or more radiant-it was tighter, well toned, and simply looked younger. She had the results that I had been chasing for more than a year-and she had them in just afternoon!

I didn't care about the cost at that point and I had no clue how or why body wraps worked-I just knew that I had to try ONE LAST TIME…

My husband thought I was out of my mind but I made the appointment anyway. I had already seen the results on someone else and they blew my mind-so I just had to see if a body wrap would work on me! But-I had to wait for almost two weeks before I could get in…

So after waiting for what seemed like eternity-I finally experienced my first body wrap. The woman at the spa began applying terry cloths soaked in some "magic solution". Honestly, it was a serious pain and made me feel very uncomfortable but I simply could not believe the results!

In Less Than 2 Hours, That Body Wrap Did What I Had
Failed To Do In More Than a Year!!

  • Smooth out stretch marks, dimples and cellulite
  • Tightened and Toned My Skin: : I have literally spent hundreds of dollars on every so-called "age-defying" product out there only to be disappointed time and time again. But with the body wrap, my skin was noticeably tighter all over-especially my thighs, butt, and those embarrassing flabby arms!
  • Long-Lasting Results: I was absolutely stunned when the inches continued to disappear-up to a month after that one body wrap! I lost more than 10 inches and kept them off-and the results were immediate and continued for weeks! The advanced formula helps eliminate toxins and fat so the inches stay away!
  • Dramatically Enhanced My Self-Esteem: After measuring my results, I had immediately shed more than 10 inches-even my husband noticed the difference!! I could feel the eyes on me wherever I went-it was like I was 25 again!

After the body wrap, I drove straight to my sister's house to show off the new slimmer me and before I had even left-she had already made an appointment to get her own body wrap.

My sister's results were even more amazing-nearly 19 inches lost in just one treatment! All of her pants fit noticeably better and she honestly looked great in jeans again. I couldn't ignore it: Body wraps did work and made me and my sister look and feel better than we had in years…

I Won't Deny It: The Results Were Fantastic, But…

Hey, if you had seen me an hour before and an hour after the body wrap-the results were undeniably fantastic. My skin was tighter and had better tone. My butt, thighs, and breasts were firmer and made me feel more confident. I had lost nearly 11 inches between measurements…

Yes, you might say the body wrap was a complete success and that I really had nothing to complain about…

Nothing Except The Fact that I Was Now:

  • Broke: Not including tip, the cost of the body wrap ended up being $178 when everything was all added up.
  • Felt Violated: The woman applying the body wrap was maybe 20 years old and I caught her rolling her eyeballs twice-twice!
  • Late: From the time I arrived until I started my car to leave, nearly 3 hours had passed. It took forever to apply the strips and then I had to still sit around and soak for another 60-90 minutes in their special little tub-and I do mean little!

All told, I looked great but the time, expense, and hassle of the spa body wrap just weren't worth it. Plus, how did these things work and why were they so expensive anyway?

Was this legal? Was I somehow using some banned product that had been secretly smuggled into the country and likely to turn my skin green? Was this stuff even safe and where exactly did those inches "magically" disappear to?

Do NOT Rush Out and Schedule a Body Wrap
Until You Get the Facts!!

Sorting Through the Body Wrap "Buzz"

Body wraps have actually been around for several years but they had only been available in very chic high-end salons in Europe and parts of South America. Then, the "secrets" of the body wrap finally made it out of the exclusive salons a few years ago and they have began appearing in less expensive salons throughout the US and Europe.

So What Are These "Secrets"?

The Formula: The ingredients of a body wrap do two very important things: First, they help remove toxins from your skin and naturally rejuvenate collagen and skin cells. Second, the ingredients help free up toxin deposits which are then flushed from your body.

The Wrap: The wrap is necessary to hold the ingredients close to your skin so it can absorb them. Most salons will dip strips of terry cloth in their body wrap formula and then apply them to your body in a very time consuming and uncomfortable process-I cannot stress these two points enough! However and as uncomfortable as this process is, it had been necessary to open up the pores and draw out the toxins trapped in your body.

Body wraps work unlike any diet or exercise program because they help eliminate the accumulated toxins that have been trapped for years in our cells. UV rays, cleaning solutions, second-hand smoke, and virtually anything our skin comes into contact with is polluted to some extent-and this pollution becomes trapped in our cells.

These toxins make it harder for your body to use and eliminate its accumulated fat stores. So you can run as many miles as you like and starve yourself all you want-those toxins are blocking you from the body of your dreams!

Properly applied, a body wrap can tighten your skin while toning and eliminating inches. Indeed, if you have the time, money, and patience for a spa body wrap, you can and will look like a trim and sexy spa diva…

But Who Exactly Can Afford The Time, Expense,
Or Hassle of Trying To Be a Trim and Sexy 'Spa Diva'-
Especially These Days??

Let's face it: Times are tougher these days and you really need to make money go further so some $150 per body wrap is just too much-way too much money! Seriously-even if you have the $100-150 for a body wrap and positively knew it would immediately tighten and tone every square inch of your skin-who wants to be shelling out that kind of money for just one body wrap?!

I am a mother with 2 young children and even if I did have that kind of money just lying around-I just don't have the time to be some "spa diva". So, I started searching for an affordable body wrap that worked as good as the salon wraps without all the hassle or "spa pricing".

In my research, I came across a lot of "at-home" body wrap products that seemed promising…

But After Searching For More Than 6 Months and Trying
Dozens of "At Home" Body Wraps…

I Kept Running Into One or More of These Main Problems:

  1. Spa Diva Pricing: We all want to look our best but times are tight-I refuse to pay anything more than $25 a wrap. The labor of applying the terry cloth strips soaked in the solution is the primary expense of spa body wraps. Anyone charging more than $25 for the solution itself is just trying to cash in because the ingredients themselves are NOT that expensive! Sadly, even most "at home" body wraps are selling for $50 and up-for a single wrap!!
  2. Some Assembly Required: I own my own business. Translation: I NEVER know when the day will be done. By the time I might actually have time for a wrap-all of my friends are already heading to bed! If I can't apply the body wrap myself-from beginning to end-it is worthless to me.
  3. Some Just Don't Work: I don't care how much I spent or if I would have had an entire team of professional spa technicians applying it-some body wraps just plain don't work. Maybe the ingredients are out of date or perhaps the body wrap doesn't even have the right ingredients-some products are just junk and will only clutter up your bathroom!

How typical, right?

I finally find a sure-fire solution to my exploding thighs and unsightly cellulite-only I can't find an affordable "at home" body wrap that actually works! In fact-I think some of the products were actually making things worse because after six months of searching-I was starting to look like my old self again!!

With summer coming on and a long-overdue vacation along the beach planned, I was ready to admit defeat and shell out the $150 for another professional salon body wrap. I hopped online to find the phone number to the spa so I could make another appointment when I stumbled across an unbelievable find…

A True "Do-It-Yourself" Solution That Works As Good Or Better Than Those Expensive Spa Body Wraps For a Fraction of the Spa Diva Price-and NO Hassle!


  • No Assembly Required: I didn't need anyone to help me with the terry cloth strips-because I didn't need any! Herbal Body Wrap is specially formulated to work without a wrap-just "soak away" the inches sitting in a pair of cotton thermal underwear-or nothing at all!
  • Fraction of the Cost: Herbal body wrap is less than ½ of most "at home" body wraps and you could literally buy several months' worth for what you would pay for just one body wrap in the salon!
  • Guaranteed Results: Herbal Body Wrap is made by Life Force, a trusted name in the health and wellness field who stands behind all their products with a 100% Money Back "Empty Bottle" Guarantee. If you aren't completely satisfied with the results, just send back your "empty bottle" and receive a full refund.
  • Permanent Results: When using Herbal Body Wrap, inch loss is NOT caused by water loss or compression-this is why the wrap is not necessary. Herbal Body Wrap has been specially formulated for toxin-removal which leads to the loss in inches and skin tightening. The more toxins you remove, the more permanent the results and longer each wrap will last you!
  • Shed Inches in About 1 Hour: Just measure yourself before using the Herbal Body Wrap and then again after soaking for about an hour-and you will literally lose 2 inches or more just while you're soaking! Then, try measuring yourself again in a few hours and then again in a few days-the inches will continue dropping!

"I lost 11½ inches after my very first body wrap."

After my second and third wraps, I lost over 18 inches more. Then following my last body wrap, I lost an additional 16 inches. In one month, I lost 45 inches! Furthermore, I have more energy than ever, and I feel so much healthier!"

--Sherrie Lopez, CA

"I looked so thin in my jeans!"

"When my sister told me about the wraps I thought she was being funny because it seemed so unreal. One weekend when I was visiting her she made me do a wrap just on my lower body to try it out. I lost 3 inches and didn't think much of it until a few days later a friend asked me if I had lost weight because I looked so thin in my jeans!"

--Cindy Murphy, Allen TX

"…11 Inches total loss!"

"My first wrap, I did as a bath. I guess you could say I was the original skeptic and was afraid I wouldn't get very good, if any, results because the herbs were diluted so much in a tubful of water. I was thrilled to find that I had lost a total of 4¾ inches right out of the tub. Just for kicks, I decided to measure again the next morning, about 12 hours later. I had lost another 4 ½ inches for a total of 9¼ inches. About 4 weeks later, I was telling my daughter about it and she said, 'I'm sure you lost the inches Mom, but did they stay off' So, I measured again. I had lost another 1¾ inches from the original measurements for a total of 11 inches total loss. I had done nothing different with my eating, no exercising, nothing, but had lost a little more and not gained any of it back anywhere!"

--Donna Annis, Casper, WY

"I have went from a size 10 to a size 6!"

"The first herbal body wrap I did, I lost 4 pounds and 11 inches. But over the next 4 or 5 days, I continued to lose 5 more pounds. I've used the herbal body wrap a total of 3 times within about 1½ months. The total weight I have lost is 9 pounds, and total inches I have lost is 21. My weight was 127, now I weigh 118 pounds. I love the product, and think it is great."

--Patricia Defoor, Alabama


"My name is Amy and I tried the body wrap using the long johns and I LOST 22 INCHES ON MY FIRST WRAP!!!!! I must admit I was skeptical at first, but I am now a believer. My best friend tried it and she lost 13 inches! We can't wait till next month to see how much more we can lose!"

--Amy Zawacki, Gaston, SC

"I lost the most inches on my abdominal area…"

I have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember. After having my second baby 25 months ago, It only got harder to get the weight off. I wasn't even fitting in my "big size" jeans anymore. How depressing was that?! I didn't even want to go out anymore because none of my clothes would fit and I refused to buy bigger size clothing. Well, after finding out about the Herbal Body Wraps I decided to give it a try. My first wrap (bath method) I lost 6.75" inches, and the next day an additional 1.25" inches for a total of 8 inches on my first wrap! My second wrap I lost 2.5" inches and an additional 2.75" on my third wrap. I have done 3 wraps and lost 13.25" inches total. Now, I'm fitting in my "big size" jeans again and can't wait until I start fitting in my "skinny jeans". I also noticed that I lost the most inches on my abdominal area where I have that excess skin from when I was pregnant. The results are unbelievable until you actually start seeing them for yourself!

--Maribel Munoz, Orlando, FL

You Simply Cannot Find a Cheaper, Simpler, or
More Effective Method To Shed Inches
Than Herbal Body Wrap: Guaranteed.

But Don't Be Fooled: Not All Body Wraps Are Created Equal!!

I know this better than anyone-most "at home" body wraps are a complete waste of your time and money. Most don't even work and those that do are either so expensive or such a pain to use that you might as well go to the spa and spend the extra money!!

Life Force Herbal Body Wrap is truly the first and only "do-it-yourself" body wrap that can help you lose 2-12 inches in about an hour-even just soaking in the tub! The powerful, all-natural ingredients have been specially formulated to detoxify your body skin so that the inches "soak away"-or your money back.

Just Sit Back and 'Soak Away' The Inches-
But Only If You Use
Herbal Body Wrap From Life Force-Everything Else is a "Maybe"
or a Flat-Out "No"!

  Life Force
Body Wrap
Body Wraps
Body Wraps
Body Wraps
100% Unconditional Money Guarantee Yes Maybe Maybe Maybe
100% Natural Herbal Ingredients Yes No Maybe No
Able To Be Done At Home-By Yourself! Yes No No No

Can Take A Bath Easily In Solution For MAXIMUM Inch Loss

Yes No No No
Inch loss NOT From Water Loss Yes Maybe Maybe Maybe
Inch loss NOT From Compression Yes No Maybe No
Manufacturer GMP Certified Yes Maybe Maybe Maybe
Manufacture Member Of Better Business Bureau Yes Maybe Maybe Maybe
Skin Able To Breath During Wrap Yes No No No
Reduce Appearance Of Cellulite & Blemishes Yes No Maybe No
Jump-start A Weight Loss Program For Faster Results Yes No No No
Rebates For Increased Purchases Yes Maybe Maybe Maybe
Referral Program Yes Maybe Maybe Maybe

$50 Or More For "Maybe"?

Mineral and seaweed wraps do not even detoxify the skin!

Mud or clay body wraps use inorganic ingredients that the body cannot absorb - so they may feel great but that's where the benefits end.

Body wraps do indeed work but ONLY if they are made with the right ingredients! Body wraps made with inferior ingredients will only "pamper" your skin for a few hours but will NOT provide the long-lasting loss of inches or toxin removal like you'll find when using Herbal Body Wrap by Life Force!

Life Force Herbal Body Wrap is a 100% herbal product made from a potent combination of 23 herbs that have been thoroughly researched and proven to provide immediate and long-term results, such as:

  • Detoxify Your Skin and Body
  • Help Eliminate Toxin Deposits
  • Reduce Swelling Caused by Injuries
  • Increased Energy
  • Lose 2-12 Inches in One Application!

When Talking About Body Wraps-Ingredients Are EVERYTHING!!!

I spent months trying dozens of "at home" body wraps that just didn't work and do you know what they all had in common? None of them listed their "secret formula"! Imagine that: A product that doesn't work as advertised that doesn't list their ingredients-coincidence??

Do NOT Be Fooled by "Secret Formulas"!!

The ingredients themselves are what truly determines the effectiveness of a body wrap-period. I ran across countless products that did not list their ingredients because they were part of some "secret formula" that had to be guarded at all costs! The only thing these companies were truly guarding was the fact that their products are useless and made from lousy, inferior ingredients!!

The Science Behind the Herbal Body Wrap "Magic"

Life Force does not believe in secret formulas or hiding ingredients from their customers-every single ingredient is listed on every single bottle of Herbal Body Wrap, including:

Ingredient Purpose
Aloe Vera: Helps detoxify your body while softening the skin and giving it a healthy, radiant glow.
Alfalfa: Studies show alfalfa to be effective in helping to induce and maintain weight loss.
Burdock: Helps alleviate fatigue and provides healthy, sustained energy boost throughout the day.
Capsicum: Several studies have linked capsicum with sustained weight loss and it is found in many herbal dietary aids.
Cornsilk: Helps induce sustained weight loss and is another common ingredient in many herbal diet aids.
Chickweed: Helps nourish and heal skin infections and studies have shown chickweed to be effective in alleviating obesity and anemia.
Fennel: Helps induce weight loss and fight obesity.
Comfrey: Used by top end cosmetics companies to help nourish and rejuvenate skin.
Dandelion: Helps curb appetite and limit weight gain and is also found in many of the best herbal diet aids on the market today.
Echinacea: Useful in helping protect the skin from UV damage caused by the sun.
Gentian: Helps detoxify the body while enhancing metabolism and helping to control weight gain.
Ginger: Studies have shown ginger to be a natural stress reliever and it also helps naturally boost energy levels.
Hawthorne Berries: Naturally nourish and pamper the skin while elevating the metabolism and enhancing energy levels throughout the day.
Kelp: This "gift from the sea" has been used for centuries as a natural "age defying" ingredient. Kelp helps promote hormone growth and studies have shown it useful in helping to curb weight gain.
Papaya: Naturally rejuvenates the skin and is found in many top end salon products for this very reason.
Parsley: Yep-this ingredient may be more common in your spice rack but it has been shown to be an effective weight loss aid in many recent studies.
Peppermint: Top end cosmetics companies include peppermint in their products because of its menthol and renowned ability to refresh the skin.
Red Clover: This natural "age-defying" ingredient helps protect your skin from UV damage.
Sea Vegetation: Studies show that sea vegetation literally burns fat and tightens up muscles for greater skin tone and younger-looking physique.
Yarrow: Suppresses appetite and recent studies indicate it also helps tone the glands responsible for weight gain.
Yellow Dock: Helps purify the blood and thus improve circulation. Studies also indicate that yellow dock helps naturally increase the firmness of skin as well.
Non-Volcanic Montmorillinite: This may be a mouthful to say but this natural detoxifying agent is widely used in the cosmetics industry to help control weight gain and cellulite.
Magnesium Sulfate: Helps control weight gain and is a very popular ingredient in many of the best diet aids.

These 23 ingredients are the Science behind the "magical results" of the Herbal Body Wrap-but the salons will charge you an "arm and a leg" for body wraps made with these very same ingredients! Body wraps made with the right ingredients DO WORK and WILL help you shed inches in just application-but you don't have to pay "spa prices" to look like a true "spa diva"!

Now You Can Look and Feel Like a True Spa Diva For a Mere Fraction of the Cost By
Cutting Out the Middle Man!

Life Force once sold this herbal body wrap to exclusive salons throughout the US and Europe-at an average cost of more than $100 per wrap! Life Force has discontinued this practice and is now offering their amazing body wraps directly to people just like you and me for a fraction of what we would pay in the salons-that's right, a fraction!

I became a Life Force distributor of the herbal body wrap because it works-period. I knew body wraps worked but I refused to pay more than $150 per wrap to look and feel my best. I think everyone has the right to pamper themselves and look and feel great about themselves and the Herbal Body Wrap by Life Force is truly the most affordable, effective, and easy-to-use body wrap on the market today-guaranteed!

Order 10 Herbal Body Wraps
For Just $186.50 !

For less than the price of 2 wraps at a salon you get enough body wraps to keep you looking and feeling great for at least 6 months-saving you more than $800 with results that are guaranteed or your money back!


Order 4 Body Wraps
For Just $78 (plus shipping)!

Pamper yourself in the comfort of your very own personal spa with 4 wraps that are 100% guaranteed to soak away 2-12 inches in the very first application! This package saves you more than $300 compared to the salon price while delivering the same or better results with less hassle!


4 Pack FREE Bonus
Preferred Customer Lifetime Membership (At Least $39.97 Value)

When you are one of the first 30 people to order the Life Force Herbal Body Wrap 4 Pack this week you are guaranteed to receive a Preferred Customer Lifetime Membership! The Preferred Customer Lifetime Membership means that you receive:

      • Incredible Savings
      • Unlimited Use
      • Full Access

This Preferred Customer Lifetime Membership does not just apply to Life Force Herbal Body Wrap--but to the entire Life Force line of proven, highest quality health and nutrition products at factory-direct, rock bottom wholesale prices!

Don't be Fooled!
Other companies may claim to make the very same offer but there's a catch: They only give you access to their deals and special prices when they know sales are normally slow (you know, the very same times when its inconvenient for you or anyone else to buy!).

But with Life Force International, you can use your PCL ID number every single day of the year, 24 hours a day-for your entire life! (only 1 ID number can be issued per household).

10 Pack FREE Bonus:
3-Day 2-Night Vacation Certificate ($318 Value!!)

You will receive 2 nights of deluxe hotel accommodations for four, allowing for 2 adults, and 2 children under the age of 18. You may choose from more than 50 available major destinations. This offer only requires 30 days advance notice to book. No timeshares or sales presentations. Guaranteed!

You simply pay a one-time, flat rate of $15.95 as a processing fee. Then you only pay the hotel room rate taxes, which range from $12 to $33 per night. On average, you pay only about $19 per night in room rate taxes, which accommodates all participants occupying a room.

Choose from the following destinations: Anaheim, CA, Antioch, CA, Atlanta, GA, Atlantic City, NJ, Augusta, GA, Branson, MO, Brunswick, GA, Cancun, MX, Charleston, SC, Chicago/O'Hare Area, IL, Coeur d' Alene, ID, Columbia, SC, Dayton, OH, Daytona Beach, FL, Destin, FL, Florence, SC, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Ft. Myers, FL, Gatlinburg, TN, Hilton Head, SC, Hollywood, CA, Honolulu, HI, Kissimmee, FL, Lake Tahoe, CA, Las Vegas, NV, Myrtle Beach, SC, Nashville, TN, New York, NY, Niagara Falls/Buffalo Area, NY, Niagara Falls, ON/CAN, Orlando, FL, Ormond Beach, FL, Palm Springs, CA, Pigeon Forge, TN, Portland, OR, Saint. Petersburg, FL, Salt Lake City, UT, San Antonio, TX, San Diego, CA, San Francisco, CA, San Mateo, CA, Seattle, WA, Sedona, AZ, Sonoma Wine Country, CA, St. George, UT, Tallahassee, FL, Tampa, FL, Tucson, AZ, Washington, D.C., Williamsburg, VA, Wisconsin Dells, WI


Hurry-Order Before Midnight, on Saturday, July 13, 2024 ,
and Receive

That's right-100% FREE SHIPPING* to all US and Canada residents!

Notice: The FREE SHIPPING* policy is subject to suspension without warning.
This is a completely new and experimental policy for us distributors and I have been told to warn all customers that the policy could be pulled or suspended with only 24-hours notice. I would absolutely LOVE to make this a permanent policy but shipping costs are just so insane these days - I don't see us distributors continuing this for very long!!

So Don't Miss Out On Your Chance to Save on Shipping Charges and Take Advantage of the FREE SHIPPING* policy before its suspended!!

Don't Worry-Your Results and Complete Satisfaction
Are 100% Guaranteed!!

Take the "Empty Bottle" Challenge Today!!

The empty bottle challenge is very simple and involves 4 easy steps:

      1. Measure Yourself
      2. Add Life Force Herbal Body Wrap to Warm Bath Water
      3. Soak in Tub for 1 Hour
      4. Measure Yourself Again

If you don't lose AT LEAST 2 inches or are unsatisfied with the herbal body wrap for any reason whatsoever-then send back your empty bottle and any unused product for a full, 0 hassles refund (less s/h charges). You can even keep any free bonuses you received with your order (yes, including the vacation certificate if you ordered the Spa Diva package!)-that's better than risk free!!

I have been selling these amazing body wraps for more than a year now and have yet to issue a single refund because this product WORKS AS ADVERTISED. Like me, you may not believe the incredible claims made but don't you owe it to yourself to take the Empty Bottle challenge and at least find out?

You have absolutely nothing to lose except unwanted inches, loose skin, and cellulite!!


To your health and vitality,

Stacy Russell
Independent Life Force Distributor

P.S. Remember-the FREE SHIPPING icon is currently active but Life Force reserves the right to cancel this policy without notice-so save money and order now!

P.P.S. I only have 30 vacation certificates left to give away with the 10 Pack orders and once they are gone-I can't get any more! Don't miss out on your chance to go show off your new, slimmer and trimmer body!

P.P.S. Still have concerns about Life Force or this amazing product? Just pick up the phone and call the San Diego Better Business Bureau to see if there are any unresolved complaints against Life Force. Or, Click here to see Better Business Bureau Report.

Got Questions?

Here Are Answers to Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Herbal Body Wrap?
2. Does the Herbal Body Wrap have therapeutic properties?
3. Can I do the wrap myself, or do I need help?
4. Can I do the wrap at home, or do I need some sort of special equipment?
5. I've tried a wrap before with no results. Will your product work for me?
6. Why does it work?
7. What is in The Herbal Body Wrap?
8. Is the Herbal Body Wrap a compression or sauna-type water loss treatment?
9. How long does it take to get a wrap?
10. Who will the Herbal Body Wrap help?
11. What is meant by "total inch loss?"
12. Will the wrap help me to lose weight as well as inches?
13. How many wraps will I need?
14. What about pre-existing medical conditions?
15. What will The Herbal Body Wrap do for my skin?
16. What will The Herbal Body Wrap do for cellulite?
17. What is Body Sculpting?
18. Will I be in a state of fatigue or feel tired or depressed after my wrap?
19. Will my chest get smaller if I get the solution on it?
20. How do I take a bath in the solution?
21. How do I order my Herbal Body Wrap?
22. Where do we get the thermal underwear or "long johns" from?


1. What is the Herbal Body Wrap?

The Herbal Body Wrap is a proven, all-natural alternative to plastic surgery. It will slenderize and contour your body shape in only 60 minutes. The Herbal Body Wrap produces therapeutic as well as cosmetic benefits by cleansing the body of toxins in addition to reducing inches.

Click here to place your order.

2. Does the Herbal Body Wrap have therapeutic properties?

Yes! In fact, our herbal body wrap is very popular with massage therapists and chiropractors for that very reason. Many people have used our herbal body wraps to relieve pain due to injury and illness. In addition, the herbal body wraps improve your overall health by DETOXIFYING the body.

3. Can I do the wrap myself, or do I need help?

We recommend you take a bath in the solution, which is so simple and provides great results. The Herbal Body Wrap is so easy to do that you do NOT need any help from others (although, you can enlist the help of a friend or spouse if you so choose). The majority of our clients have EASILY performed the wraps on themselves with no help
from anyone else.

4. Can I do the wrap at home, or do I need some sort of special equipment?

The Herbal Body Wrap is designed to be performed in the privacy of your own home. You do not need any special equipment. The ONLY items you need to perform
one of our wraps are a stainless steel or ceramic pot in which to heat the solution and thermal underwear if you choose.

5. I've tried a wrap before with no results. Will your product work for me?

Our wrap is completely different from any of the other body wraps that are currently on the market. Many people are amazed at the results they have received from Herbal Body Wrap when they have tried numerous other wraps with little or no results. Remember, the Herbal Body Wrap has been used by tens of thousands of people.

6. Why does it work?

To make it simple, the Herbal Body Wrap releases toxins from the body's cells into the lymphatic system. The toxins are then carried out of the body naturally through normal elimination. Simply drink 8 glasses of water for the 3 days following the Herbal Body Wrap, and the toxins are PERMANENTLY eliminated!

7. What is in The Herbal Body Wrap?

Ingredients: Aloe Vera, Alfalfa, Burdock, Capsicum, Chickweed, Comfrey, Cornsilk, Dandelion, Echinacea, Fennel, Gentian, Ginger, Garlic, Hawthorne Berries, Kelp,
Parsley, Peppermint, Papaya, Red Clover, Sea Vegetation, Yarrow, Yellow Dock, Non-Volcanic Montmorillinite, Magnesium Sulfate.

8. Is the Herbal Body Wrap a compression or sauna-type water loss treatment?

No. Although The Herbal Body Wrap can be applied using warm, solution-soaked long underwear, inch loss is not due to temporary compression or water loss.

9. How long does it take to get a wrap?

A total of approximately 2 hours is required for your first Herbal Body Wrap. You will be soaking for only 60 minutes, but additional time is needed for measuring, wrapping and unwrapping, if you choose to do so. Subsequent wraps will take less than 2 hours as you will become more familiar with the procedure.

10. Who will the Herbal Body Wrap help?

Anyone who wants to tone, tighten and improve the look and texture of their skin, including people with loose skin from weight loss or pregnancy. Men and women who
experience joint pain and inflammation will benefit from the therapeutic effects of the Herbal Body Wrap. Who can be helped by the Herbal Body Wrap? - virtually anyone who wants to look and feel younger fast!

11. What is meant by "total inch loss?"

Before you use the solution, measurements are taken of various parts of the body (calves, hips, waist, midriff, abdomen, arms, etc.) and recorded on your own personal record chart. After your "wrap", you are re-measured, and the difference of your starting and ending measurements are added to determine "total inch loss."

12. Will the wrap help me to lose weight as well as inches?

The Herbal Body Wrap was designed to take off inches and detoxify the body. 

13. How many wraps will I need?

That depends on several things: the results you seek, the amount of loose skin you have, your commitment to a weight loss program, etc. To maximize your results, we recommend that you use the solution once a week for 4 weeks. Once you are satisfied you look great in and out of your clothes, we recommend that you "wrap" once a month for maintenance and detoxification purposes.

14. What about pre-existing medical conditions?

Common sense says that, if you have medical problems, you should always obtain your doctor's permission before you try anything new or different. The Herbal Body Wrap is no exception.

15. What will The Herbal Body Wrap do for my skin?

Many people report that their skin appears smoother and tighter after wrapping. In fact, some people do not need to lose inches but need skin tightening because of weight loss or aging.

16. What will The Herbal Body Wrap do for cellulite?

As you probably know, cellulite is water-logged fatty tissue. One of the first things women with this problem report is a visible improvement in the cellulite dimples and ripples within the first few wraps. Results can usually be seen from the very first wrap, but results vary from individual to individual.

17. What is Body Sculpting?

Body Sculpting is the art of wrapping and shaping using the body wrap solution. Once you have reduced your body size to where you want it using the bath method, you can use terry cloth strips or long underwear (long Johns) to "spot wrap" specific areas you wish to contour, thereby "sculpting" your body. Click here to order

Ready to order?

18. Will I be in a state of fatigue or feel tired or depressed after my wrap?

No. On the contrary. You will feel very refreshed after a wrap. Most patrons tell us it leaves them feeling relaxed, energized, and firmed.

19. Will my chest get smaller if I get the solution on it?

When you are taking a bath in the solution you will probably get some solution on your chest, that's ok. Your chest won't get smaller unless it is submerged or wrapped in the solution. The body wrap was designed to remove toxins so the toxins in any part of your body will be removed if soaked in the solution.

20. How do I take a bath in the solution?

Prepare the solution as instructed in the body wrap manual then pour the solution into your bath. Fill the tub with enough water to cover your legs. Try to keep the water temperature as warm as you can stand it but don't burn yourself. Use a cotton towel soaked in the solution and drape it over areas that aren't covered with solution. Soak for 60 minutes then pat dry.

21. How do I order my Herbal Body Wrap?

To order the Body Wrap, FREE Gifts and receive your 45-day, unconditional, 100% money back guarantee,

Click here to place your order.

22. Where do we get the thermal underwear or "long johns" from?

You can get the thermal underwear also known as "long johns" at any store such as Walmart, Kmart, etc. They are normally less than $10.

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